I would highly recommend Sarah, her classes are really varied, using different equipment and exercises – you never know what to expect, which makes it interesting and challenging. Sarah will always suggest alternative movements so everyone can work at their own level. There is a real Smur-Fit community at classes, and outside of classes too – a lovely welcoming group of people and a lot of fun to be around.

Full-time worker & Mum of two - Attends classes in person & online and makes use of the recordings when at home.

I’m thoroughly enjoying being back after baby number two, as I was driving home I genuinely thought to myself how much my smur-fit time is like medicine for my mind and body.

Full-time Mum and Sports Tissue Therapist - Attends classes in person with babies in tow!

Sarah has supported me, pushed me, guided me, challenged me, f**ked with my head and ultimately had confidence in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Her nutrition programme may have just changed my life.

Full-time single Mum & full-time worker - Attends evening & weekend classes and online.

If you want to embrace vs battle menopause then Sarah and Smurf-fit are a must. I have battled for 5 years and finally regained control over my weight, body shape and mental health through just 12 weeks with Sarah. Small nuggets of advice weekly, fun and varied strength and conditioning classes outdoors or on-line – live or via catch-up kept me on the right path. I am so happy with the results, they were quick but more importantly sustainable.I feel great and it’s all down to Sarah – what a precious treasure she is, so glad I’ve found her.

Full-time worker & Mum of two - Attends classes in person, completed nutrition programme and online classes.

I need structure to my exercise routine – otherwise I easily find something else to do. Smur-fit’s regular classes with lots of choice across the week have helped me get into a sensible (and fun) exercise regime. The classes are a mix of sexes and ability – which make them very supportive and motivational. Smur-fit is a huge asset to our local community.

Musician & Artist - Attends classes at least 3 times a week (occasionally brings prosecco or mulled wine too!)

It’s not difficult to support Smur-fit because you make the classes so enjoyable, and I always come away feeling better about everything.

Retired, attends Senior Classes and Pure Stretch.

I enjoy the classes and the positive ambience that you create.

Retired, attends Senior Classes.

Thank you for welcoming me to a very special group of people who, as you said, have shown resilience, energy and guts!

Actor, travels with work - Attends day time classes in person and online from home.

You are the BEST!!! The Smurf motivational cheer puts a smile on every face!

I smashed 11 minutes off my half marathon time, thank you Sarah for making it work around my full time job, motivating me, making me laugh, putting up with my strange noises and holding my hand!

Full-time worker - Attends classes in person and personal training to support towards running goals.

We are soooo lucky in Watlington to have Sarah and her fitness group SMuR-FIT! I can highly recommend the classes, whether you’re new to exercise, returning after a break (like I did), or are already working out. Everyone is so supportive of each other, no judgmental or macho attitudes like you might find in some gyms. Many of the classes are outside when weather permits, which is much healthier, boosting your vitamin D levels to boot. Since going to Sarah’s classes regularly (which never get boring, as Sarah varies the activities each session) I can honestly say I feel the best I have in years, stronger, happier and healthier (and slimmer!). THANK YOU

Full-time worker & Mum - Attends as many classes as possible!

NEW HABITS I have gained with Sarah, all whilst being a full time carer for my husband: > It’s okay to not be consistent in every box of a fitness & nutrition journey, if you can be consistent in one or two then that’s still PROGRESS > Using ready meals is okay in stressful times or when time is limited and when time is better you cook from scratch, but its okay to not be CONSISTENT > Increasing PROTEIN can help afternoon hunger and diminish sweet cravings > Drinking two – three litres of WATER is a simple habit to maintain > Weight loss can happen with simple changes, WALKING more each day and eating better quality meals when possible > ALCHOHOL free drinks are not so bad after all > INJURIES can occur but we can work around them

Stay-at-home full-time, completed personal training at home.

I have been attending classes for 47 years, all different BUT SMUR-FIT classes are always varied, serious but lots of fun, every time. I wouldn’t miss them! We are a friendly lot come and try it!

Retired, 83 years young - Attends Senior Classes and Pure Stretch.

Smur-fit and you personally have been absolutely amazing again. You are a very important part of our lives personally, community wise and of course, for exercise.

Full-time legend in life - Attends multiple classes in person and online with her husband.