Terms & Conditions
All customers are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to JOINING.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued for any of the membership or payment options.

Changes to Timetable

Changes to advertised classes may occur from time to time. This may be due to holidays, bank holidays and sickness, as a one off, at short notice or as a permanent change. Every effort will be made to minimise disruptions and to advertise changes in advance. There will be no refund to membership fees or other payment options for these changes.

Changes to Membership Fees

Members will receive a minimum of 1 months’ notice of any changes to the membership and payment fees.


Smur-Fit reserves the right, at any time, to decline any application for membership, refuse admission to a session, and/or de-activate the membership of any individual who does not adhere to these terms and conditions or general standards of behavior expected of facility users.

Junior Use

Members are allowed to attend sessions from the age of 15.


From time to time your photos will be used on the website and social media. If you do not wish to appear in any photos please notify Sarah Fountain. Any lack of notification will be taken as agreed consent.

Online classes

Some classes are streamed online live via zoom. The classes will be recorded and uploaded to a private members group and are valid for 30 days for all members to use. If you are attending a class online, you must ensure the floor is non-slip, the space is suitable with no obstructions and your camera is ON so you can be seen. You may be muted to avoid background noise. Authority to record a session that you are attending will be taken as agreed unless notified beforehand. Please note that only the instructor is visible on the recording.

Principles of Engagement

To achieve the most from your SMuR-FIT session, please adhere to the following principles of engagement:

SIGN UP AND CANCELLATION: You must sign up to group sessions beforehand and cancel with 24 hours’ notice. This is required to ensure there is sufficient equipment provided for the session or the session does not exceed the group number limit.

TIMELINESS: Please arrive on time. Appropriate time for warming up is essential to prevent injury.

PARKING: Please adhere to parking rules at each venue.

ESSENTIAL KIT: You must bring:

  • Exercise mat
  • Water & a towel
  • Any inhaler or medications required for physical activity
  • For Boxercise sessions, your own gloves, and pads for hygiene reasons

Winter: When a session is outside, you should wear gloves and plenty of layers.
Summer: Sun protection should be worn, and it is advisable to wear a sun hat.

CHILDREN AND DOGS: If you bring children or dogs with you to classes, please remember they are your responsibility and you must respect others, including clearing up dog mess! Unfortunately, children are NOT able to attend the evening classes when held at Watlington Primary School and NO dogs are allowed within the Multi Use Gym Area (MUGA).

Any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah via email sarah@smur-fit.co.uk or mobile 07824 83040.

Membership Plans Terms & Conditions


The unlimited monthly membership is a recurring monthly plan via direct debit and allows you to attend as many classes/sessions as you like – in person and online, and access online recorded classes to complete in your own time. One month’s notice is required to terminate the monthly membership option. You will not be able to rejoin the monthly option within two months of leaving and will be required to use pay as you go or buy a block options.


The 10 sessions membership is a one-off payment plan and allows you to attend the number of classes per your membership. 10 sessions are valid for 12 weeks from purchase. No refunds are offered on booked classes or blocks of tickets not used after 12 weeks.


The pay as you go option is a one-off payment for one use at one class. No refunds are offered.


These are invoiced before the sessions commenced. They must be paid within 7 days of the start date agreed.